Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Post About Preston

So we LOVE our little gangly boy, Preston. He is a super cute boy. He is like 3.5 feet tall and like 34 pounds, yeah, tall and skinny. He just turned 4 and so I thought I would post a few pics. He wanted to have a baseball party but we were getting drilled by the remnants of Tropical storm Fay so we were rained out. Instead we watched a baseball movie at our office theater. He had a huge haul with the gifts. This is the cute cake and cupcakes that Amy made. She has a cupcake recipe book. So Preston started Pre-K also. Listen how ridiculous this is. Elementary school starts before all the other schools. Since Madison and Preston ride the bus they have to catch the bus at 6:30 am. Can you freakin beleive how early that is. We have to get them up at 5:45. That is insane for a new 4 year old. This wasn't even the half day Pre-K it was all day. We were debating whether or not to even start Preston this year but we figured we would try it. After about a week he came home in tears saying that he didn't want to go back. I think it was just too much. We pulled him out and are going to look for a Pre-K that is like 3 half-days per week. Bless his heart though, he gave it a try.
All ready for school.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Madison's First day of First Grade...and other summer stuff

So this is going to be a picturey blog. Madison started first grade this week. She said that she had fun but I think she is having a hard time making friends. She said that most of her class are brown kids and they don't want to play with her. Poor kid, we are excited for her though. We actually just found our camera which come to find out had a bunch of pictures from our other adventures this summer. I will post some of those also.
This is Maddy getting ready to head to the bus-stop
This is all the cousins piling on top of uncle Curt. Everybody loves uncle Curt.
Preston met some new friends at church and was invited to a pirate party. This is the kids getting ready for church. Poor Jackson always gets the bunny ears. He can't defend himself yet.Once again with the bunny ears.Grandpa Bennett was in town for business so he came and stayed with us for one night.This is the kids with my sister, Amie's new baby, Leah.Occassionally the kids steal the camera and take pictures. Of course it is always funny to look at the pictures later and see what goes on in their room when we aren't around. Apparently, they ganged up on Preston and tried to get a picture of Kendall kissing him. Funny kids.

Friday, August 8, 2008

IT'S A _____!!!

So I appologize that it has taken me a while to post this. Apparently Amy didn't tell people that we were pregnant. I assumed she told everyone. Actually I think she told people, she just didn't make a huge announcement via email. Anyways, Amy went to the the OB on Monday and I told her to post this. She didn't post it...I don't know, something about being busy raising the kids and making my bed. So I will post our good news.So this is a nice profile of the baby.
Well that is the stem on the apple. That's right boy number three is on the way!!!!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

What has been

Ok so it has been a couple weeks since I last posted. But a lot has changed. I will start off by telling a story about Madison and my mom, Granny Robin. So she was over here the other day and she and Madison were playing Memory. Madison was totally schooling her. Granny Robin was trying as hard as she could but Madison is really really good at Memory. Madison ended up doubling Granny Robins score. This was truly a legitimate butt kicking. So right after that the kids were headed to bed and Granny Robin was in the room. Right before Madison laid down she said, "Granny, next time I won't use my brain when I play you." Oh, why not Madison? "Well I want you to have a chance at winning."
So that is the funny story for the week. In other news I got transfered to the Duluth office.
Crappy part: Really long commute (1 hour 10 minutes), Equipment is older, Assistant is not as well trained.
Good part: I am own my own pretty much calling all the shots (except major expenditures), Ability treatment plan and treat all the patients that come in, My production (and consequently my income) is totally in my hands.
All in all I like it but the one thing that out weighs everything else is the commute. My boss is opening a new practice in Monroe, GA which will be opening in October. Once that is open I will be transferring down there. That will only be a 10 minute drive. So for the time being I am getting a taste of solo practice, and I like it.
The other big news is that we are moving to a house. There is some uncertainty as to whether or not we will be in GA long term so we didn't feel the time was right to buy. So we will be renting. Good Part: Much closer to work, Much bigger house (by like 900 square feet), huge fenced in back yard (actually a dirt patch with sporadic vegetation, but who's counting), pool in the neighborhood, 4 bed 3 bath, 3 car garage, way better schools, only $75 more than we are paying now, makes it so we don't have to move in December when the baby is due.
Bad Part: We have to move again, we are starting to make friends in this ward.
The Good definitely outweigh the bad.

This kitchen ought to keep Amy happy.And we have a screened porch. Who doesn't like one of those. Notice our huge fenced in dirt patch.

Other big news: Amy is getting an ultrasound today so hopefully we will know the sex of the baby. More details to follow.