Sunday, June 29, 2008

Moving and Mehico

So this is going to be like three blogs in one. I hope you have a little time to read. It has been a whirlwind three weeks. We moved on June 13. Here is an interesting story about the move.
So as most of you know we bought a double wide trailer three years ago and that is where we lived for most of dental school. Well back in March we put it up for sale. It sold in 6 days. Total blessing, right? Well the lady gave us $1000 down and we agreed that we would settle the balance and sign the paperwork on June 13. So about a week before we were supposed to sign I called her to make sure everything was still on. No problem, she told me how excited she was and that she couldn't wait to move in. Then on June 11th the lady called to ask about getting the eletrical switched over. She reiterated her excitement about moving in. Well the next day, on June 12 at about 8 pm I called her to see what time she was coming over the next day. As soon as I started takling to her she freaked out on the phone. "I am not coming tommorrow, I have been at the hospital with my husband for two weeks now an I am NOT coming tommorrow, blah, blah, blah." I asked her if tommorrow was a bad day or if she wanted to reschedule or what the deal was. She was like "No I don't want to reschedule, I am not coming and I just want to forget the whole deal...CLICK." She freakin hung up on me. So here we were, moving in 24 hours and now the house we assumed was sold is now back on the market. We didn't sleep that much that night. We prayed that something would work out. The next day we decided to try and hire someone in our ward to sell it for us. Well, right before I was going to call someone to sell it we heard a knock at the door. I thought it was our landlady but it was actually this lady that was going to buy it. She was like "Is this a good time to settle things?" My jaw about hit the floor, but I kept my cool and told her that now was a perfect time and we were expecting her. I guess my prayer was answered. She paid us and we signed the papers and that was that. She never mentioned the phone call from the night before so I never brought it up. Now a couple weeks later the checks have cleared and all is good. We are going to miss this old trailer. So we got moved to Georgia. I won't bore you with all the details as it was rather uneventful. Abby and Amy's folks came to help with the move and to help us unpack. (Thank you guys so much by the way!!) On Wednesday Abby and Shelda took the kids up to Tennessee for a week and Amy and I left on a Cruise. We sailed to the western carribean on a 5 night cruise. It was awesome. I really think that cruises are by far the best bang for your buck. our first port was Progresso, Mehico. We went out to see the ruins of Chitzen Itza. It was awesome.
OK I am totally ticked off. I just freakin deleted most of the pictures from our cruise. I can't beleive it. The only consolation is that we were pretty lazy about taking pictures and I only lost about 20 pics. The aggrevating thing was that they were of the ruins at Chitzen-Itza. Argh!!! Oh well I downloaded a few pics so you could see what we saw. Just imagine us in front of them.
This is the main temple. It is probably the most recognizable temple of all the Mayan ruins.
This was the hoop at the ball court. The ball court was just a little smaller than a football field.

Our next stop was Cozumel, Mehico. Here we rented a scooter and rode around the island. It was nice b/c we were able to get away from the crowd and kind of go at our own pace. We stopped at this little place and ate some mexi-food and did some snorkeling. A huge storm rolled in so we had to cut it a little short but, it was fun anyways. Then we board the ship and headed for home. It was so nice to have a break from the kids and everything. I had no cell phone coverage for the whole trip so we were truly cut off from the rest of the world.
It was nice to get home and see our kids. That was the longest that Amy had ever been away from them and the only time that both of us had been away together more than one night. They were so cute when we got back. Now that we are home it is time to settle in and get to work. I start work tommorrow. I am pretty excited but, I am a little nervous about the learning curve. It is always hard to go into a new situation and learn the ropes. Oh well.
By the way we made our first purchase this week. Washer and dryer baby. I got a subscription to consumer reports b/c I figured we were going to be making several purchases in the coming months. These were the highest rated W/D on consumer reports. Nice.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Beretta 92 FS

So happy graduation to me indeed. After years of pleading with Amy to allow me to purchase a handgun, the time has arrived. For graduation my folks gave me some money that I convinced them should go towards a gun. With the money in hand I told Amy that since the money was intended for a gun I had no choice but to go and get one. She grudgingly agreed and after an 8 day waiting period I am now a proud owner of my first handgun.
I have always like the look and feel of the Beretta but it didn't come in the caliber I wanted. I was looking to get a .45 caliber but ended up with a 9mm. I chose the gun I wanted over the caliber I wanted. I will eventually get a .45 but at least for the time being I have the gun that I want.
This particular gun has the distinction of being the officially issued sidearm of the US military. The military always used the M1911 (.45 cal) from WWI up through 1987 at which time they switch to this mamma-jamma. Anywho, I went and shot it yesterday for the first time and all I can say is..."sweet chicken."