Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Carter Family Conquers

So as you can tell from the title this week we have been getting things accomplished. Probably the biggest accomplishment is that Jackson finally started to move around. On Monday Amy called me while I was on my way to school. She was in tears and naturally I inquired as to the cause of her tears. "Jackson started crawling!!!" I don't know if these were tears of joy or despair. Regardless, we are going to have to Jackson-proof our house. The other big thing this week was when Amy decided to go dark. She decided to go back to her natural hair color. It is decidedly darker than anything she has ever had. I guess pregnancy can change things.

Madison gave the scripture in primary this week. We forgot that she had to do it until this morning on the way to church but she was able to memorize the scripture and reference in the time it took us to get to church. She did awesome when she had to recite it for the primary. This week Preston got a new Spiderman hat. We are proud of him and even though getting a new hat may not seem like a major accomplishment (to the untrained eye), it really is. You must be trained to see it though. As for me I got a lot of requirements done at school this week. I basically finished my crown and bridge requirements and I did finish my denture requirements. Those requirements tend to hold people up when graduation rolls around but fortunately I was able to get them out of the way.

Anywho, we have accomplished quite a bit this week. These weeks don't seem to happen as frequently as we would like but we get excited when they do. Welp, see ya later.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Halloween!

So thanks everyone for looking at our blog. I think that Amy has been inspired to start blogging with me knowing that people actually read them. In fact she wrote like half of this post! So this last week has been a little crazy. Halloween was definitely the highlight. Amy and I kind of pooped out this year and didn't dress up. The kids however were freakin cute. As you can tell from the pictures the kids hada blast dressing up. Madison was Geniveve from one of the Barbie princess movies.
Preston was originally going to be superman, then he wanted to be a cowboy. We drove to like every store in town and couldn't find any good cowboy accessories (what happened to the classics!). He ended up being a Knight in shining armor. In fact, at the ward trunk-or-treat all the little princesses wanted him to protect them from the dragons while they huddled in the corner. He was so brave!

Preston had a cute Halloween Joy school party this year. He got to make a ghost out of a milk jug, a ghost footprint, and a monster pinata. He had a blast with all the activities and songs that they sang for their little program.

Jackson went as a cute little lion. He actually kept his hat on all night! Some little side notes . . . Our "little" Jackson has turned into quite the "jumping Jack" (ha, ha). He's got some strong legs and loves to bounce and boing all day long. He gets himself pretty worked up about it too, making him very overtired at naptime and bedtime. However, he's got the cutest little giggle and uses it often, so we still love the little chunk.

After the trick or treating, we all came back here and enjoyed some hot tang to warm us up. I think everyone pretty much had a good time though. Here are a couple more really cute pictures for your enjoyment.