Sunday, September 20, 2009

Prestons Birthday

For his Birthday Preston wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese. We have never really done a party for preston so we decided that we would do it this year. Here are a few pics from that. We got Preston his Tae Kwon Do sparing gear.
Garrett was just chillin out enjoying a nice slice of pizza.In other news Preston was selected as student of the month in his class. He happens to be the youngest kid in his class but he was the most behaved and attentive kid. If you can't tell we are really proud of him. Congratulations Preston.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Beginning of School

So we have already past midterms but I did want to post a few pics of the kids on their first day.
This is how they spent their last night a freedom. Madison lost a tooth. Preston goofed off. Then here are some pics from Preston's first day of Kindergarten and Madison's first day of second grade. Preston decided to take his scooter for a little ride before school. Yeah he ate it on the grass and stained his new school pants. Oh well boys will be boys.