Sunday, October 12, 2008

What We've Been Up To

Well I know that it has been a while since I last blogged. Amy had a couple in there but it has been a while for me. As I was scrolling back through our blog I realized that I haven’t blogged about very much of the cool stuff we have done since moving to Dixieland. I think part of it is b/c we are terrible about bringing our camera. If we don’t take pics we tend to forget about. I have decided to pull a few pics off the internet and update everyone on some of our happenings.

Atlanta’s Fabulous Fox Theatre Amy and I went on a date to see Les Miserables at the Fox in Atlanta. It was awesome b/c I have always been a fan of the music and ever since I read the unabridged novel (1120 Pages) I have wanted to see the Musical. It did not disappoint.

Turner Field I have started doing a thing that I call daddy-time with the kids. I take the kids out and spend special one-on-one time with them. With Preston I took him to a Braves game. We took advantage of a buy one get one sale and we got 2 tickets for $22. The seats were amazing. We were like 5 rows off the field in left field. We lost to the Phillies though ( big shocker).

SEC Football
Yesterday Amy and I went to our first SEC football game. My boss has season tix and they are on the front row of the upper deck at the 35 yardline right under the press box. They we actually freakin sweet seats. The Dawgs shellacked Tennessee. GO DAWGS!!! Now we are officially Dawg fans.

Oconee National Forest (couldn't find a decent picture of this one)

Last weekend we went camping with our friends the Vess family. Spencer Wade may recall going on a date with Shauna when they were in High School. Small world. Any ways, it was awesome and we topped it off with a 2-3 mile nature hike that the kids insisted we do. It was pretty awesome.

So that is just to update you on some of the things we have been doing. Now you know that we don’t really just sit around.