Thursday, March 12, 2009

Haunting or Happenstance???

So this story starts last Saturday when I laid down in bed and I heard this strange sound. It sounded like footsteps on our roof. Or maybe someone walking in our attic. Well I just kind of brushed it off and assumed it was probably mice or something. I had seen a couple mice in our garage over the past few month.
So if that wasn't strange enough, 2 days later my treadmill stops working. I just bought the thing a couple weeks ago and then on Monday I went to turn it on and it wouldn't work. Weird.
So this morning at 4:45am we were in bed and we heard a loud pop. It woke both of us up and we wondered what the heck it was. Right after that we heard something that sounded like a "tic tic tic." It sounded like water dripping so we assumed a pipe had broken or something. Well I got up to investigate and when I walked into the bathroom, the glass door on the shower was shattered into a thousand pieces. There was a hole in the middle and it looked like it radiated out from that. It looked like it had been shot. The "tic tic tic" that we heard was the glass as it continued to shatter in different directions. OK now I know we have a ghost. I don't really believe in hauntings and stuff but, it makes you wonder. AnywaysI put on some gloves and removed the rest of the glass. It was very strange. I had never heard of anything like that happening until I got to work this morning and started googling "spontaneously shattering glass."Come to find out that it is actually a fairly common thing with tempered glass. It is usually caused by temperature change. We left our windows open that night but it didn't get that cold.
I will let you guys be the judge. Are we haunted or is it just a coincidence? The world may never know.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Disney World

Check out Preston's pose. I think he was trying to be a pirate.
So this is a few weeks old but it happened to be one of the best vacations that we have ever taken. We were invited to go to Disney World. Two families were going down during intercession(it is a week that the kids are out of school. They do this so that all the stupid kids can stay in school and catch up) One of the families, the Browns, own a vacation home in Orlando that is about 30 minutes from Disney. It was a really nice house with a pool, a 62 inch plasma, and a game room with Wii and PS3. It was nice to go on vacation and not have to pay for lodging (Thanks the Browns).
So we were down there for 5 days and three of those days we just hung out at the house and went to church. On Monday we went to Animal Kingdom. That was really fun. We went to several of the shows. Lion King was our favorite. The kids really liked the park but I think they all liked Magic Kingdom better. The next day we went to Magic Kingdom. They kids loved it. We watched the show that they do in front of the castle. We went on as many of the rides as we could. Madison and Preston loved Splash Mountain. I was a little surprised b/c I thought the drop at the end would freak them out but they did really well. Jackson was a trooper. He is potty training and for some reason we didn't put him in a pull up either day and he stayed dry until the end of the both days. Around 7 o'clock each day it was like Old Faithful. I guess we can handle one accident per day considering the situation. Anyways it was a wonderful vacation and we had a great time.
Madison rode Everest with me. On all the big drops she kept saying, "I'm going to puke, I'm going to puke, I'm going to puke!!" She didn't and at the end she had a really fun time.All the kids loved Small World.Garrett even approved and smiled for the camera. Here are the kids sporting their new hats.