Sunday, June 28, 2009

Charleston SC and Fort Sumter

So last weekend I was supposed to work on Saturday but, on Thursday I realized I would not have to go in on Saturday. You know what that means...DAYCATION!!!! We knew we wanted to go to the beach but where. All the beaches here are about 4-6 hours away. We thought about Savannah but, Miley Cyrus is shooting a movie down there. Florida was like 6 hours away. Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head were about 5 1/2 hours. Charleston was only 4 and some change so we decided to go there. In addition to being one of the closest Amy conjured up some Rhett Butler, Gone With the Wind, lovey dovey excuse why we needed to go to Charleston. We left on Friday and stayed overnight. The next morning we decided our kids probably wouldn't last the whole day at the beach so we decided to do Fort Sumter in the morning. Now call me dumb but I guess I never realized that Sumter was in the Charleston harbor. You think I'd have known that.
While in Charleston my mom stayed with the kids at the park and Amy and I walked through historic Charleston trying to find some lunch for everyone before we had to get on the ferry out to the fort. We got lost and saw some amazing old southern home that far predated the Civil War. It was incredible. Unfortunately we didn't have our camera so I pulled a few pics from the Internet. These are not the exact homes we saw but very similar. We actually did take the picture of this tree. The branch was amazing. How old to you think that is? This town really reminds me of Savannah. The huge oak trees with the Spanish moss.
After we got back from Sumter we went to the beach for 3 hours or so. It was awesome. We had to get these pics from my mom b/c we didn't have a camera. Jackson just played in the sand the whole time. He stayed away from the water. Every one had a blast.
The other big news of the week was that Madison had her 7th birthday. She is getting so dang big. We got her sparring gear for Tae Kwon Do. We love her.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Super B.O. !!!!

For anyone who knows me, knows that I love Jib Jab cartoons. If you go to and then go to originals you will find some pretty funny ones. The following cartoon about Super Barack Obama is hilarious. I hope you enjoy it.
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