Sunday, May 16, 2010


Wow has it really been 5 month since I last blogged. Well, we are good. The family is healthy and there is no big news to report. Life is just continuing to move along. Here is just a quick rundown of each person in the fam.

I guess I will start with me and the business. It seems like the business has kind of become part of the family. Anyways, it is going great. We have exceeded every expectation I had going into it. I looked the other day and we already have 460 patients. In less than 5 months! We recently had an open house and ribbon cutting. We had a total of about 150-200 people attend. Among them were the Loganville mayor and 3-4 councilmen, a couple people from the county commissioner’s office, the Walton County Chamber of Commerce, the Walton and Loganville newspapers, lots of family and friends, a lot of people from the community, and several patients. There was also a guy there from the local TV channel. He video recorded the whole thing and it aired on the local channel. I wasn’t able to watch it b/c it was only for people with Comcast and I have Dish. Overall it was very successful and we have had several patients schedule b/c of it.

Amy continues to teach piano. I think she has like 15 students or something like that. It is awesome b/c she trades lessons for babysitting with like 3 or 4 girls. Now we have a babysitter every weekend and we don’t have to pay them. WooHoo. She comes into the office on Wednesday mornings and helps around the office. She helps keep the books and helps up front.

Madison loves to read. She is half way through the 5th Harry Potter book. She is in the Gifted and Talented at school and they recently had and invention night. There were only a few awards given out but, she received an award for the most creative invention in the second grade. It is called Gunny Box. It is a robot that eats toys that don't get picked up and it puts them away. She is also continuing to take piano lessons and she is a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Preston is starting to read. He is really good at sounding out words and he even has a few books that he can read. He has recently started taking piano lessons and is still in Tae Kwon Do. He is also a brown belt. He and Madison are both on the Demonstration team at TKD. That means one extra practice per week and they will eventually be demonstrations in the community.

Jackson is our mischief maker. He is into almost anything as long as it is in some way related to food. He seriously will steal any food and hork it down. He has stolen the sugar bowl like 4 times and eaten straight sugar until it was gone. I just hope that he does get type two diabetes by the time he is 12. Even though he is into mischief he is so adorable you can’t stay mad at him. He has the cutest little voice and the ways he talks is just so cute. One of my favorite things he says is “Dad I am not talking for you, I am talking for mommy.”

Garrett turned 1 in December and has been walking and running around since10 months. He is a handful to keep up with sometimes but, he is just a good kid.

We have really enjoyed living in Georgia. This time of year is beautiful. My favorite time is when he Magnolia trees bloom. They smell soooooo good. I can’t describe the smell but it is by far and away the best smelling flower I have ever smelled. Our Magnolia tree in our front yard only had 5 or 6 blooms but I picked one of them and brought it in the house so I could smell it all day.

Amy and I went on a temple trip with the youth to the South Carolina temple. This a picture of some of the youth that went. I am on the far end.

That was a long update, but that is what we have been up to.