Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Quick Update

So, Bryce has been super busy lately and has fallen behind on his duties of updating our blog. Now, ya'll get to see why he writes about our family life and not me, but I agreed to bail him out this time because there are some pretty significant things going on at our house!

First of all, Jackson became a bigger boy a few weeks ago. We finally ran out of excuses (and money for diapers) and decided to potty train the kid. He's so cute in his little underwears and is extremely proud of himself. In fact, a funny story: One day, I was in the shower and he comes running in with his little bowl to his potty shouting, "I did it, I did it!" Sure enough in the the bowl is little poops. Before I can stop him he dumps the poops into the bathtub (I wonder if that's what he really thinks that was the same as dumping in the toilet, or if he just wanted to get a reaction out of me) and runs from the bathroom, still super excited. Of course, I hurry to get out of the shower so that I can wipe his bum before he sits on anything. (You mothers can already see what's coming, right?) When I get out into my bedroom the first thing I see is a piece of poop in the middle of the floor . . . great. I walk out the door into the kitchen . . . another poop. I follow this trail all the way to the living room where Jackson is trying to put his potty back together. Aahhh, what a typical two-year-old. He tries so hard to help out and ends up making a bigger mess for Mommy to clean up.
The next thing going on at the Carter household is that Garrett (that's our baby that you may have read about. Yeah, he still alive and well) is growing fast. The kids have really loved having him around and want to include him in many of their activities. Games, reading, singing, dancing . . . you name it. Anyway, here's just a couple of cute shots of the kids getting their own "Garrett time."
You may be interested to know that Preston thought up the nickname "Garribou" for our baby while watching the part on Baby Noah where they talk about "Caribou".
Jackson calls Garrett anything from "Gawett" to "Gary" or "Garo".
Me, I prefer "Gar Bear." And guess what I found out awhile ago? A lot of people that name their kids Garrett end up calling them "Rhett" for a nickname! That awesome, huh?! I may get a Southern Scallywag after all!