Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why We haven't blogged

So I know that most of you are wondering why we haven't blogged. Well get off the edges of your seats because here comes the answer.

What a burden that has been. Now you would think that we would have taken "before" pictures prior to embarking on this 4 month endeavour but alas we didn't. The following are the pictures of us painting and then the final product.

Just a quick run down. I had a guy in our ward do the framing and HVAC. I did all the electrical and insulation. I had a contractor do the drywall. Then Amy and I finished the doors, the trim, and the painting. We had the carpet installed. All in all we finished 1250 square feet of the 1500 in the basement. We have a partially finished storage room and a small work room but the rest is finished. It looks awesome but, it has been so time consuming. Add this to the time I have spent starting my business and you begin to understand why I haven't been blogging. Anyways, without further ado, the pictures.
I am getting a lot balder with all the stress I have had recently.The kids painted their little playhouse under the stairs.Garrett mostly hung out in his Pack and Play.This is the stairwell. It looked like junk until Gentry came over and helped get it looking good.Media room with wall sconces on a remote dimmer and the recessed lighting on a separate dimmer. Did I mention that I did the electrical?We availed ourselves of a black Friday deal at Sears and got the TV. Not before I sold the old tv to myself to use in my business though. After all was said and done we didn't have to pay much out of pocket for the new tv.Here is one of the small hallways.This a place the kids can destroy and play and I don't have to worry about it. You can see the kids playhouse under the stairs.Last but not least the bedroom. It has been by the far the largest project I have ever done. Actually the business is the biggest. It isn't done yet but, as soon as it is I will post some pictures of it.