Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Bells

So another wonderful Christmas has come and gone. It is funny to think of where we were last year and the uncertainty that we faced with graduating school. Despite the new location and the change in circumstance one thing is still the same, the Christmas Spirit. Even in warm weather we still felt the holiday cheer in our home. Since we live all the way out here I know a lot of family members want to see what the kids got for Christmas. Well here goes. Madison got an American Girl Doll. For those of you that don't know...trust me, if you have little girls, you will find out all too soon.Preston got an oldie but a goodie. Simple hoop.Jackson got a slide. Now hopefully we can prevent him him from snapping his neck.Garrett didn't get much. We just gave him a bath.Amy got a 16 Gb I-pod touch.I got the Mac-Daddy AR15. Saaaweet. I actually got it before Christmas but Amy made me swear not to tell until after Christmas. She also got me tickets to Sean Hannity's Freedom Concert this summer. Uncle Curt must love us a lot of dollars worth because he got us Guitar Hero-World Tour with all the equipment.
Here a few more pictures of the hardware...for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Garrett Mont Carter

Well we are now a family of 6. We have officially outgrown your typical 4 door sedan. Garrett Mont Carter was born this last Thursday @ 12:30 PM. Amy was induced @ 8:30 am and four hour later it was all over. He weighed in at 7 lbs 12 oz. He was the smallest of our babies. Maddy was 8.0, Preston was 8.8, and Jackson was 9.9. So little Garrett is the runt so far. He was 20 1/2 inches and so he was long and skinny. You can see from the pics that he has little chicken legs. Anyways, Amy came home on Saturday and everyone seems to be recovering normally. It is such a blessing to these little miracles in our home.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The past couple of weeks

Amy and I have been horrible about taking pictures this year and Thanksgiving was certainly no exception. We we able to snap a few over the past few weeks so here they are.
The week after Thanksgiving we had a family reunion with my mom's bros and sister. All we there except for two of my cousins. Lance and Caetie came out from Missouri and Drew flew in from CA. This was the first time in 2 years that we had all been together. It was a good time.
Here are some pics of Madison and Preston getting their yellow belts. We are proud of them and they really seem to love it.
Here are a few pics of the cousins.

Preston and Andersin were the best of buds.