Monday, April 20, 2009

Where Have We Been???

Well I have been meaning to blog for the past little while but I have been so busy it seems like I can always find something that seems more important than blogging. I apologize to all of our fans out there but, hey, that's life.
So about 2 months ago "Hotlanta" was nailed by a huge snowstorm. Now I say that fully expecting the condescending corrections that surely will follow from all the "Snow Authorities" out west. But give us a little slack here. Six inches was a pretty big deal for Georgia. After throwing together an eclectic mix of ill-fitting snow attire we were able to build a snowman.

The storm left us powerless for about 16 hours. It was awesome. Luckily we have a gas stove and a gas fireplace. We busted out some of the camping gear and had ourselves a camporee. The kids all slept in the living room and Amy and I nestled down under our goose-down comforter.

For Easter we had a little egg hunt for the kids. It was pretty fun but unfortunately these were the only real pictures that we got of Easter. Other than that it has been life as usual.

We actually have decided to stay in the area for at least another 5 years. Long term we haven't decided exactly which career path we want to take. I figure we'll figure it out sooner or later. In the meantime we have decided to buy a mortgage!!! This is the house the mortgage will be on. I was somewhat reluctant to post pictures until we closed on it in case our loan didn't go through but everything seems to be in line. We close on Cinco de Mayo.

This is our view out the front. It is right across from the community access to a 220 acre lake/reservoir. There are a lot of shallows which means it is a bass fishers paradise. I don't bass fish but, I may have to pick it up. After it is a done deal I will post some more pictures of the house. I would hate to post them and then find out our loan didn't go through or something.